Harry Clarke's Black and White Illustrations
for Hans Christian Andersen's Fairy Tales

Book name: Fairy Tales by Hans Christian Andersen
File name: andersen
Author: Hans Christian Andersen Editor:
Illustrator: Harry Clarke Publisher: Brentano's, 5th Avenue and 27th Street
Location: New York Year: 1916
Printed: Complete Press, West Norwood, England # of pages: 320
Condition: Fair - binding loose; cover has been repaired with plastic; some pencil marks throughout; appears to be missing only one b/w picture; all colour plates intact.
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Fairy Tales Frontispiece   The Tinder Box-"What am I to do in the tree?", asked the soldier.   Great Claus and Little Claus-"Where did you get all that money from?"   Great Claus and Little Claus-"That's a bad fellow, that man."   Thumbelina-She took her girdle and bound one end of it round the butterfly.   The Travelling Companion-"I am going out into the wide world too", said the strange man.   The Emperor's New Clothes-The Emperor is in the wardrobe.   The Goloshes of Fortune-"That is probably a museum of art," thought he, "Where they have forgotten to take down the sign."   The Goloshes of Fortune-Yes, people write poetry when they are in love.   The Goloshes of Fortune-Quickly he passed on into another female heart. This appeared to him like a great holy church.   What the Old Man Does is Always Right-"I like that!" exclaimed both the Englishmen together.   The Ugly Duckling-"The new one is the most beautiful of all."   The Snow Queen-Those who visited the goblin school declared everywhere that a wonder had been wrought.   The Snow Queen-"How did you manage to come on the great rolling river?"   The Snow Queen-"He was so clever, he could do mental arithmetic up to fractions."   The Nightingale-"Music! Music!" cried the Emperor. "You little precious golden bird, sing!"   The Little Match Girl-In the brightness the old grandmother stood.   The Elf-Hill-"Don't give yourselves airs," said the old man.   The Old House-"Let me see him," said the young man.   The Butterfly-They bloomed today, to fall off tomorrow.   The Little Sea Maid-"I know what you want," said the sea witch.   The Marsh King's Daughter-They were returning home, richly laden with spoil, from the Gallic coast.   The Marsh King's Daughter-He knelt down and prayed fervently.   The Garden of Paradise-She took the Prince by the hand and led him into her palace.   What the Moon Saw-The Hindu Maid

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